King of Kotha 2023 Full Movie Download Free
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King of Kotha 2023 Full Movie Download Free Camrip Hindi

King of Kotha 2023 Full Movie Download FreeKing of Kotha 2023 Full Movie Download Free Camrip Hindi. Download King of Kotha 2023 Full Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point.

King of Kotha 2023 Full Movie Download Free Camrip Hindi

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Movie Overview

King of Kotha 2023 Full Movie Download Free In 1996, CI Shahul Hassan is transferred to Kotha, where he enquires more about the town and learns that the citizens, especially teenagers, are addicted to narcotics. As Shahul investigates about the background of the narcotics, he comes across Kannan Bhai, a dreaded gangster who rules Kotha. Shahul meets Kannan Bhai in his hideout along with SI Tony Titus, where he is humiliated by Kannan. Shahul inquires about Raju from Tony as Kannan earlier mentioned the name, where Tony reveals Raju’s past.

Past: In 1986, Raju is a merciless gangster and Kannan’s best friend who rules Kotha. Tony and Kannan are a part of Raju’s gang and football team, Winners Kotha. Raju is always at loggerheads with Ranjith Bhai, who is the head of the neighbouring town Gandhigram, but Ranjith never harms Raju out of respect for Raju’s father Kotha Ravi, who was also a dreaded gangster in the past. Raju meets Tara and falls in love with her, soon giving up on many vices such as partying and women. Kannan tries to get Raju and his gang to deal with drugs, but Raju disagrees as Tara’s brother committed suicide due to drug overdose. Raju didn’t share a good relationship with his parents as his mother Malathi hates him for being a gangster and also blames his father for Raju’s upbringing. Malathi also abuses Raju’s gang members, where Kannan learns about this and provokes Malathi.

Ravi sees this and interferes in between them. Kannan tries to stab Ravi with a knife, but ends up stabbing himself. Upon knowing this, Raju gets angry and tries to beat up Ravi, who defends himself. One day, Ranjith sends photos of Tara hanging out with a Bombay-based journalist, eventually Raju breaks up with Tara and starts drinking heavily. Blinded by his greed for wealth and power, Kannan decides to partner up with Ranjith and agrees to transport drugs into Kotha. Knowing this, Raju gets enraged and confronts Kannan, who refuses to reveal anything about the drugs. Raju gets into a fight with Kannan and ends up blinding Kannan partially in the right eye. A few days later, Malathi realises that Raju may not live for long if he continues to be a drunkard where she advises him to leave Kotha and never come back. Raju leaves Kotha on the night of the FIFA World Cup Finals and later goes missing. Download King of Kotha Movie.


King of Kotha 2023 Full Movie Download Free King of Kotha 2023 Full Movie Download Free

King of Kotha 2023 Full Movie Download Free
Full Name: King of Kotha 2023 Full Movie Download Free
Release Date: 24 August 2023
Length: 2h 54min
Size: 1.3 GB
Quality: Camrip
Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller
Language: Hindi
Cast: Dulquer Salmaan, Prasanna, Shabeer Kallarakkal

King of Kotha | August 24, 2023 (India) Summary: In a crime-infested town, Kannan bhai and his gang are the reigning powers. To combat this reign and seek revenge, Inspector Shahul tactfully plots the return of the 'King', leading to a tra... Read all
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Malayalam